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Some of our riders clips

They like to go fast and do cool stuff on wheels.


with Kurt Lievenbruck

Trail Blazing With The Shiv

Mike Hoover blazing paths

Eric Rides the Shiv

This Shiv, now available

Buck Mountain

with Kurt Lievenbruck

Just Another Day

Tommy, Alex  and Kurt skate Raleigh

Above Sea Level

with Kurt Lievenbruck

[Longboard] PA Steaming

Derek Showers & Mike Hoover, throwin lines

The Pit

Eric Fahrenthold slidingchill NC road

WaterWorks Solo Run

With Eric Fahrethold

 Blue Ridge run

Team Rider Eric Fahrenthold

Stonewall Revisited

Eric Fahrenthold revisits a hidden NC run

Purple Haze

Kurt Lievenbruck via DownEastProductions


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